Finally live – www.weclutch.com – an online community for E-sport in Spain. Scanspan has been heavily involved in the creation of the community site

New Year – New Projects


Our first year – 2018 – was a busy year for Spanspan. We completed a number of very different projects for a handful of different customers.

We worked with GDPR anonymisation of customer data, created a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for a social media platform, improved logging functionality in a billing solution and created a selfcare portal for a support system – just to name a few things.

In 2019 we expect to work on even more projects and some of them related the energy sector where we already have a good knowledge about how to make cloud applications that supports the business processes.

Feel free to contact us on using our contact form if you have a software development need.

New contract – Danil service

Danil Service from Torrevieja just signed a contract with Scanspan for the implementation of a new website. We at Scanspan look forward to working together with Danil Service.

Contract signed

We are proud to announce, that Scanspan has signed a contract with CUBS A/S to provide development services for the rest of 2018.

CUBS A/S is a business application / customer information system (CIS) for the billing of consumptions of electricity, gas, water and other related products and services within the utility sector.

Scanspan will be developing on auxiliary functionality in the CUBS system and the initial projects will be related to finishing GDPR compliance and a new sales module.



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Finally – our web is now online

It has been a while, but here it is – our new webpage. After having worked on establishing Scanspan with all it includes.